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Newsdle® is the first news-based graded reader for Spanish and French students, designed to transform student engagement with contemporary news stories, lessons, and comprehension exercises to interest and immerse every student in their language learning journey. 

Newsdle’s partner platform, The Chairman’s Bao®, is already a globally recognized resource used in 350+ schools, universities, and organizations including the University of Oxford, Middlebury College, and the US military. 

Why Newsdle Classroom? 

>> Engage students with high-interest, news-based resources. 

>> Save hours of planning time – every lesson and resource is written by a qualified teacher.

 >> Leave the dull textbooks behind – new lessons are added every day.

>> Manage student work with ease using the Classroom Portal.

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Teacher Benefits

Transform student engagement with contemporary news-based lessons and comprehension exercises to interest every student in your class, whatever they’re into!

Save Time
Save hours of planning time – every lesson and resource is written by a qualified teacher.
Motivate Students
Provide the right level of support and challenge for students of all abilities.
Interactive Platform
Encourage independent learning with automatically graded homework, built-in live dictionary, keyword lists, and much more

Teachers Reviews
Newsdle Reviews
The graded and abridged news made reading practice so easy and fun. It helps me to differentiate my teaching. By using it, I’m assigning 3 different homework to the class, while each level feels challenged and encouraged.
- Fei Li, Marlborough School (USA)
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Newsdle® operates within The Chairman's Bao® Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 09222815.