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Celebrating Easter in France


Planning on celebrating Easter in France? Or just wondering how France celebrates Easter? Then you should know that Easter eggs are taken very seriously. Not only are they delivered by flying bells, but chocolate displays in shop windows across France are serious works of art…

Easter Bells – Les Cloches de Pâques

One of the man Easter traditions in France are the Easter bells. On Maundy Thursday, the last Thursday before Easter, church bells are silenced to mourn the death of Christ, and remain silent until Easter Sunday. Legend dictates that the bells fly to Rome and are blessed by the Pepe!

They then begin their journey back to French churches, picking up Easter eggs on route and scattering them in the gardens of French homes. The bells ring again on Easter Sunday to announce the Resurrection of Christ, and “return”. There is therefore no Easter bunny, it is instead the bells that deliver Easter eggs for children (or adults!).

Easter Chocolate

Celebrating Easter in France is not complete without chocolate! Decorated eggs, chocolate bunnies and bells are common gifts to give to children. Chocolatiers across France seize the opportunity to go wild and create intricate designs on both the chocolate and the shop windows, transforming them into works of art!

Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts are a vital part of celebrating Easter in France. Some towns and villages even organise widespread egg hunts in local parks. Easter egg hunters in the garden are also very popular in France. As mentioned above, Easter eggs are dropped off in the garden by the flying bells, so they could be anywhere in the garden!

Easter Meal

As with other Christian holidays, it is tradition when celebrating Easter in France to have a family meal. This meal typically consists of lamb, which symbolizes spring and new life. Dessert, obviously, is chocolate based and comes before the inevitable cheeseboard!

As you can see, celebrating Easter in France is a big deal, and a very chocolatey affair! Discover how more traditions are celebrated in France in our how is Christmas celebrated in France blog!

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