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Spanish Tongue Twisters for Beginners – Our Top 5


We feel that it’s extremely important to have fun when learning languages and Spanish is no exception! Practicing Spanish tongue twisters can be really helpful for improving your pronunciation. Similar to learning songs in Spanish, it’s also a neat way to pick up vocabulary in context which aids retention.

Spanish tongue twisters are a great way to break down barriers when learning the language. As language learners, we should never be afraid of making mistakes. If we are never prepared to make a mistake, we will never improve. What’s more, over time you can speed up and impress your friends and teachers!

The Spanish for tongue twister is trabalenguas and they come in all forms and from all across the Spanish-speaking world. We’ve included examples from Venezuela and Mexico, as well as Spain, in our favourites.

Our Top 5 Spanish Tongue Twisters

  1. Si yo como como como,y tu comes como comes, ¿Cómo comes como como si yo como como comes?
  2. Juan tuvo un tubo, y el tubo que tuvo se le rompió, y para recuperar el tubo que tuvo, tuvo que comprar un tubo igual al tubo que tuvo y rompió.
  3. Si tu gusto gustara del gusto que mi gusto gusta, mi gusto también gustará del gusto que tu gusto gusta. Pero como tu gusto no gusta del gusto que mi gusto gusta, mi gusto tampoco gusta del gusto que tu gusto gusta.
  4. Poquito a poquito Paquito empaca poquitas copitas en pocos paquetes. (Venezuela)
  5. Un perro en el barro con su rabo barre. Con su rabo barre un perro en el barro. (Mexico)

Tongue twisters are a fun and engaging way to work on pronunciation. As you work through the levels, you can also try some more challenging ones. We’ll be sure to follow up with a blog with some trickier ones soon.

Got any Spanish tongue twisters that you’d like to contribute? Get in touch with us on our social media channels! Or, even better – send us in a video of you saying one of the Spanish tongue twisters (there might be prizes!).

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