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The Most Famous Restaurants in Paris


As one of the top restaurant destinations in the world, there is no shortage of famous restaurants in Paris. From romantic restaurants to Michelin-star spots, and historic addresses to grabbing a quick wrap on the go, here are some of the most famous restaurants in Paris.

Le Relais Plaza

Located within the iconic Hotel Plaza Athénee, Le Relais Paris is famous for its stylish history and fashionable guests. Opened in 1936, the restaurant has welcomed many famous designers including Yves Saint Laurent, with Christian Dior known to send models in his latest designs to show off his latest collections! This would happen so often that they even had their own menu!

Today, it serves up French classics and a dessert menu curated by the hotel’s master pastry chef, Angelo Musa. If you are lucky enough to visit, take a look at the small “walk of fame” outside the bathroom. Here you will find some of the more famous stars who have dined in the restaurant!

L’As du Fallafel

On the other end of the scale, you can eat at one of the most famous restaurants in Paris for under €10! Located on rue des Rosiers, in the historic Jewish quarter of Le Marais, you will find a street known for its many falafel restaurants, however L’As du Fallafel is the best! You will regularly see customers lining the streets for a quick and cheap meal!

Despite not being as glamorous as other places on the list, the food is superb and the perfect for those on-the-go city breaks! It is worth nothing that it is closed on a Friday night and Saturday during the day, to respect Shabbat. 

Tour d’Argent

Tour d’Argent lays claim to being the oldest restaurant in Paris, originally opening as an inn in 1582! The chosen restaurant of the French monarchy in the 16th century, you can feel like royalty when you dine there today. It serves up an indulgent menu, and is fast becoming known as the most famous duck restaurant in Paris! Not only is the food spectacular, but the view too! When dining in the restaurant, you will have an incredible view of Notre Dame too!

Café de Flore

One of the most famous meeting spots in Paris, Café de Flore has provided a venue for some of Paris’ most creative ever residents. Jean-Paul Sartre, Brigitte Bardot, Karl Lagerfeld and even Pablo Picasso! They have all passed through the doors of the Café for stimulating conversation and endless coffee consumption!

As a result of this, today tourists come in their droves to take in some of Paris’ creative history. Even if you do not dine here, the terrace is a fantastic people watching spot for a coffee or glass of wine!

These restaurants are among some of the most famous restaurants in Paris, that show just how spoilt for choice Parisians are! Not only are they steeped in history, they also offer delightful food at different ends of the budget! When there, why not check out some classic French dishes

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