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Top 10 Most Common Surnames in France!


Surnames connect a family’s past to the present, with many of the most common surnames in France originating from occupations, locations and personal names. First names trends come and go, but surnames are forever. Here is the list of the top 10 most common surnames in France, and the meaning behind them!


Derived from Mars, the Roman God of War, Martin originates from the tribe of Mairtine. The root of Martin, Mar, means “gleam”.


Bernard derives from the Germanic given name Bernhard or Beornheard, meaning “strong or brave as a bear”.


Robert is also an ancient Germanic French surname. It is derived from the Proto-Germaninc elements “fame, glory and honour” and “bright, shining”.


The classic surname “Richard” is derived from the word which means powerful and hard, meaning “brave” or “strong”.


Durand comes from Norman origin and means “enduring”.


Dubois is a topographic name for someone who lived in a wood, “du” meaning from the and “bois” meaning wood. It is translated across England and America as the surname Wood.


The Moreau surname originated as a nickname for someone with dark skin. It's derived from the Old French word more, meaning "dark-skinned”.


Similar to many other names on this list, the surname Simon is a proud sign of a rich and ancient ancestry. Simon is derived from the Hebrew personal name Shim'on, meaning to hearken.


Laurent is a French masculine given name of Latin origin. It is used in France, Canada, and other French-speaking countries. The name was derived from the Roman surname Laurentius, which meant "from Laurentum". It can also be derived from the Old Greek word Lavrenti, meaning "the bright one, shining one".


Michel is originally a French name. It can be both a given name and a surname ultimately of Hebrew origin.

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