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What Are the Most Common First Names in Spain? Male and Female!


Due to the fact that many languages are spoken across Spain, it is important to assess the most common first names in Spain by region. In this blog, we break down the most common given names across the country as a whole (excluding the Basque Country and Catalonia) and regionally for the Basque Country and Catalonia.

Until the 1950s, the most popular male names in Spain were José, Antonio and Manuel. The most popular female names were María, Carmen and Josefa. Also popular were double-name combinations such as María Carmen. If you have Spanish members of your family, you are likely to still find some of those names among the older generations today!

With all of the political and social changes of Spain during the 1970s, traditions waned and different names evolved to become the most popular. There was also greater variety of names as a whole.

Let’s take a look at the most common first or given names in Spain by region…

Most Common First Names in Spain, Excluding the Basque Country and Catalonia

  • Hugo / Lucía
  • Daniel / Martina
  • Martín / María
  • Pablo / Sofía
  • Alejandro / Paula
  • Lucas / Daniela
  • Álvaro / Valeria
  • Adrián / Alba
  • Mateo / Julia
  • David / Noa

Most Common First Names in the Basque Country

  • Markel / Ane
  • Aimar / June
  • Jon / Nahia
  • Ibai / Irati
  • Julen / Laia
  • Ander / Nora
  • Unax / Izaro
  • Oier / Lucía
  • Mikel / Malen
  • Iker / Uxue

Most Common First Names in Catalonia

  • Marc / Martina
  • Àlex / Júlia
  • Marti / Laia
  • Hugo / Lucia
  • Biel / Maria
  • Èric / Emma
  • Nil / Aina
  • Jan / Paula
  • Pol / Noa
  • Pau / Carla

We hope you enjoyed our list of the most common first names in Spain. Can you spot any of your Spanish-speaking friends’ names on the list? Perhaps even your teache's or tutor’s name?

Be sure to check back soon for more blog content and to follow us on our social channels where you can get involved!

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