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4 Best Shows to Learn French on Netflix


Bored of studying grammar? Can’t face picking up a textbook but fancy a Netflix binge? Why not try combining relaxing with a spot of language learning with these incredible French Netflix series!

Not only will you pick up real life French language in action, but you will get the bug to study and utilize your French language skills more! It is a great way to learn new vocabulary, hear authentic French accents and discover interesting slang! All whilst on the sofa!

If this is your first time watching a show in French, first check out our blog on how to use Netflix when studying! Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles if your language learning journey has just begun, and don’t be afraid to pause and rewind. As you learn more, try turning subtitles off and see how you get on!

With all that in mind, check out our list below of the 5 best shows to learn French on Netflix.

Le Bureau des Légendes

Le Bureau des Légendes, or just ‘The Bureau’ on English Netflix, is a political thriller. It offers an insight into the world of the French secret security service. Based on the real accounts of former spies, you will uncover the personal challenges faced by those living under false identities and the danger that comes with it. With four seasons currently, there is no reason not to binge the lot!

Dix Pour Cent

‘Dix Pour Cent’, or ‘Call My Agent!’ in English, is the most internationally recognized on this list. The show follows the lives of professionals working in a talent agency. The comedy will give you an insight into working in a busy office in the media industry in Paris. With many cameos from real French celebrities, you will also understand more about popular culture in France!

The Hook Up Plan

For a more light-hearted feel-good French series tune into The Hook Up Plan. The series follows main character Elsa. She is a loveable yet clumsy girl who’s hung up on her ex, and her two trouble-making friends hatch a plan to get her on the dating scene! But when do plans ever go to plan? Follow the trio through Paris on their adventures in friendship, dating, and heartbreak, and pick up some French dating slang along the way!

Chef’s Table France

Finally, you may have heard of the Chef’s Table series. If you’re a fan of food and travel, Chef’s Table Francais for you! This docuseries follows experimental chefs who run buzzing and interesting restaurants across France. From opening ambitious restaurants in off the beaten track destinations, to using unusual ingredients and new techniques, these chefs are reinventing French cuisine! Perfect for your food vocabulary!

We hope that you find this list beneficial and don’t forget to share any great shows we may have missed on our social media channels!

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