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5 of the Best Spanish Breakfasts


There’s nothing like trying breakfasts when you go abroad, so we thought we’d list our top 5 Spanish breakfasts to try on your next trip to Spain. Or, if you’re feeling brave, why not look up some of the recipes online!

Breakfast Culture in Spain

Breakfast culture in Spain is quite different in that generally people don’t have breakfast at home. Often, people will go into work to clear some tasks before heading with colleagues to a local bar or café for a small breakfast and something to drink.

Breakfasts in Spain are often on the smaller side, particularly when compared to the US and UK. You’re unlikely to find someone in Spain tucking into a large plate of bacon and eggs, but the breakfasts on offer are delicious and nutritious.

Mealtimes in Spain

Breakfast in Spain is usually served between 8-11am, whereas lunch would be served between 2-4pm. Lunch tends to be the largest meal of the day.

Often dinner isn’t served until 9-11pm in Spain, so it’s important to stock up on a large lunch to see you through the early evening.

Our Top 5 Spanish Breakfasts

  1. Pincho de tortilla

Pincho de tortilla is a piece of traditional Spanish tortilla omelette. It contains eggs, potatoes, onions, milk and olive oil. It is often cut into small pieces (pinchos) that are skewered with a toothpick for ease of eating. Pinchos de tortilla are often served alongside a piece of fresh baguette. A wonderful breakfast snack!

  1. Tostada con tomate

Toasted bread with freshly grated tomato, olive oil and salt. This is often the go-to Spanish breakfast with ripe Spanish tomatoes and it’s a must-try for your next trip to Spain. It’s a super simple recipe to try at home if you would like to give it a go! If you are feeling adventurous, you could serve it with a slice of Iberian ham.

  1. Chocolate con churros

This is one for special occasions! A choux pastry type mix is used to make the churros, which are piped through a star-shaped nozzle into long fingers. They are then fried in oil and coated in a mix of sugar and cinnamon, before being served warm with a hot chocolate sauce. Great for sharing (or keeping all to yourself if you’re feeling greedy!).

In some places in Spain, there are even places where you can get churros after a night out on the town!

  1. Magdalenas

Magdalenas are small, shell-shaped sponge cakes. They are very sweet, light and fluffy. Magdalenas make for a very quick and easy breakfast at home if you are in rush leaving your house. That said, they are often served alongside coffee in bars and cafes.

  1. Montadito

A montadito is a small, open-faced Spanish sandwich. It is usually a tapa-sized slice of bread that’s similar to a baguette, served with a brush of olive oil. It is then topped with a combination of ingredients – anything from Iberian ham to manchego cheese! A versatile favourite that is also super simple to make with the freshest ingredients.

Drinks to Accompany Spanish Breakfasts

No breakfast is complete without a drink or two! Two of our favourites and the most common in Spain are listed below…

  1. Café con leche, café cortado o café solo

Fresh coffee served with milk, a shot of coffee with a dash of milk, or a shot of coffee on its own. Something to suit everyone.

  1. Zumo de naranja

Freshly squeezed orange juice - who doesn’t love that, right!

We hope you enjoyed our lowdown on Spanish breakfasts and that you’ll be trying some of them soon. We would recommend buying the freshest ingredients possible, as most of the breakfasts are easy to make, but are made even more delicious with fresh Spanish produce.

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