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What Noises Do Animals Make in Spanish?


It’s something we often don’t consider until learning a language and encountering it first-hand, but animals don’t make the same noise in each language.  If all you’ve ever known is that dogs go woof and cats go meow, you’re in for a treat when you find out what noises animals make in Spanish!

You might think that if you’re learning Spanish to speak to humans and that’s tricky enough, it’s unlocking a whole new world of difficulty studying how to speak to animals in Spanish, too! Think we’ve all gone a bit quackers? Maybe… but here’s our top 10 list of Spanish animal sounds anyway!

  1. Dog – guau guau (ladrar) – woof woof (to bark)
  2. Cat – miau (maullar) – meow (to meow)
  3. Duck – cuac cuac (graznar) – quack (to quack)
  4. Rooster – quiquiriqu (cantar) – cock-a-doodle-do (to sing)
  5. Turkey – gluglú (engullir) – gobble (to gobble)
  6. Bird – pío (piar) – tweet (to tweet)
  7. Sheep – bee (balar) – baa (to bleet)
  8. Hen – clo clo (cacarear) – cluck (to cluck)
  9. Donkey – ih-oh (rebuznar) – hee haw (to bray)
  10. Monkey – i-i-I (farfullar) – ooh-ooh (to chatter)

We hope our list of the noises animals make in Spanish comes in handy when travelling or conversing with your Spanish-speaking friends!

Are there any other animal noises that you know in Spanish, or perhaps you know some in another language? Be sure to reach out with your feedback!

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