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How to Reject Food in Spanish Politely


In Latin American and Spanish cultures, food is extremely important. If you have a guest visiting, it’s important to ensure they leave well fed and watered. With that in mind, as a guest, you don’t always want to eat or drink. It’s important to know how to reject food in Spanish politely, so that your host doesn’t feel put out and that you acknowledge your appreciation for their offer.

In Spanish, it can be seen as good manners to insist that your guests should eat, and it can be polite to offer up to three times before finally taking no for an answer. So, don’t be surprised if your Spanish friend accepts your offer of food or drink on the third time of asking, either!

It could be easy to assume your host is being too persistent if they keep offering you food and drink, but don’t forget it’s an important part of culture to be slightly ‘pushy’ in ensuring your guests are well looked after. It’s a cultural trait and considered good manners, so in reality can show the host’s affection for your visit.

Four Ways to Reject Food in Spanish Politely

Example Question: ¿Quieres más comida? / ¿Quieres más? Do you want more food? / Do you want more?

Answer 1: No, gracias. Estoy lleno/a. No, thank you. I’m full.  

Answer 2: No, gracias. Estoy satisfecho/a. No, thank you. I’m satisfied.

Answer 3: No, gracias. Me he llenado. No, thank you. I’m already full.

Answer 4: Muchas gracias, pero no tengo ganas de comer. Thanks a lot, but I don’t feel like eating.

Note: In the above answers 1 and 2, take note of the gender. If you are a male, you would say ‘estoy lleno’ or ‘estoy satisfecho’. If you are a female, you would say ‘estoy llena’ or ‘estoy satisfecha’.

We hope that the above answers will arm you with the tools you need to reject food in Spanish politely if the need arises. This vocabulary will come in handy if you visit Spanish friends or live with a homestay on your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

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