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Our Best Words to Say in Spanish


Our team have all studied Spanish to various levels. So, we wanted to ask them… what are the best words to say in Spanish? It’s important to always have some fun when learning a language and what better way than by learning words that you love to say! We’d love to hear your favourite words to say in Spanish and whether you agree with our choices.

What are the best words to say in Spanish?

  1. Sacapuntas – pencil sharpener

This one is my all-time favourite and can be said with some real attitude!

  1. Cucaracha – cockroach

La cucaracha, la cucaracha, you all remember it from the song. But, did you know it means cockroach?

  1. Borracho/a – drunk

Rolling ‘r’s off the tongue - this is one of our favourites!

  1. Friolento – sensitive to cold

Is your housemate always turning the heating up? Perhaps they’re a friolento…!

  1. Levantamiento – lift/uprising

This one can be used for either the act of lifting something or an uprising of people.

  1. Tontería – nonsense/stupidity/foolishness

They always did say that foolishness gets you into trouble one day. ¡Qué tontería!

  1. Todólogo – a know-it-all/jack of all trades

One for your gardener who can also fix a leaky tap!

  1. Empiyamado – in one’s pyjamas

Very apt now winter is upon us! We know what we’ll be doing in the evenings…

Do you agree with our selections? What are your best words to say in Spanish? Please reach out on our social channels to let us know!

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