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The Most Common Spanish Surnames


You may know that in Spanish cultures, it is commonplace to have two surnames. The paternal surname is often followed by the mother’s first surname. In this blog, we will explore the 10 most common Spanish surnames and their origins.

Before we begin, it’s also important to note that in Spanish naming conventions, people don’t traditionally have middle names. Learning the origin of surnames can be a great way to learn about a family’s origins and traditions. You may even be able to learn something about a distant relative, such as their occupation or where they came from.

Here are the top 10 Spanish surnames, along with their meanings:

  1. García

A name that has existed since before Roman times and hails from the Basque region. García was actually a very common first name in early medieval times!

  1. Fernández

A Germanic surname meaning the Son of Fernando. It can be interpreted as ‘brave traveller’.

  1. González

A Germanic surname meaning the Son of Gonzalo. It has its roots in battle-hardened conquerors of the past!

  1. Rodríguez

A Germanic surname meaning the Son of Rodrigo. It can mean ‘famous ruler’ or ‘famous power’.

  1. López

A Latin surname meaning the Son of Lope. Comes from the Latin ‘lupus’, which means wolf.

  1. Martínez

A Latin surname meaning the Son of Martín, formed from the Latin ‘Martis’, which means Mars. Mars is said to be the protective God of many Latin families.

  1. Sánchez

Son of Sancho, from the Latin ‘sanctius’ meaning ‘sanctified’.

  1. Pérez

Son of, or descendent of, Pedro. From the Latin ‘Petrus’.

  1. Martín

A Latin name that also hails from the Latin word for Mars.

  1. Gómez

A Germanic surname for the Son of Gomes. Meaning ‘man’ or ‘path’.

Have you managed to find any of your Spanish friends’ surnames listed? If not, why not check theirs out in a list of the top 100 Spanish surnames! 

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