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Why Should I Learn Spanish?


“Why should I learn Spanish?” I hear you cry! Well, there are over 550 million Spanish speakers globally! Spanish is also the world’s second most spoken language. Learning Spanish can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you, both personally and professionally. If travel is your thing, there are 20 countries in the world in which Spanish is the official language.

Whether Spanish is the first foreign language that you’ll study, or if you’re a language learning machine, we’ve got you covered!

Our top 7 reasons you should learn Spanish today

1. Global Language

Spanish truly is a global language. In fact, around 17% of the world’s population speaks Spanish! As well as being the national language of Spain, Spanish also travelled around the world with the Spanish conquests and became the national language of a further 19 countries.

With Newsdle, you can study both Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Latin America), as we introduce you to the slight language nuances and different accents across the Spanish speaking world.

Have you ever wondered the history of how Spanish language travelled the globe? Read our brief history of Spanish language to find out!

2. Easier and More Accessible to Learn than Ever Before

There has never been a better time to start learning Spanish. With a wealth of online resources, you can start without delay. Looking to practice your Spanish with a native speaker? Why not consider finding a language exchange partner online with similar interests. Who knows, you might make some new friends in the process!

Learning a language should be fun, so don’t lose sight of your goals and remember to celebrate the successes. Those who truly study a second language do so for life, so embrace the process and don’t lose sight of your goals and ambitions.

3. Embrace New Cultures

If you want an insider’s view of a culture, there’s no better way than to speak to people in their native tongue. Sure, a lot of people speak English, but you will form and develop much deeper relationships with people by embracing their language and culture. Even by learning a small amount of vocabulary in Spanish, locals will value the effort and make you feel welcome.

If you are a businessperson, languages can unlock doors to a wealth of new opportunities and can help you make extremely close and beneficial relationships. Remember to look into cultural nuances when conducting business in a new market and respect the local customs.

4. Keep Your Brain Ticking

Learning Spanish will help you to strengthen your ‘mental muscle’. Studies also show that bilingual people are generally better at problem solving and multitasking! 

In the world of online gaming and social media, it’s more important than ever to keep your mental muscles firing. Study a little bit every day and you’ll be amazed to see your progress over time.

Tip: We are champions of the little-and-often method of studying language! Learn a little bit every day and build upon your foundations and you will see much better results than cramming for an exam or test! Don’t take the fun out of learning languages and make it manageable.

5. Improve Your Job Prospects

Spanish is very important in the world of business so learning Spanish can make you more employable. There is huge demand for people who are able to bridge the gap between cultures in the workplace!

If you are currently studying Spanish in school or college, why not look for an internship in a Spanish speaking country in your summer vacation? There may also be opportunities more locally if you reach out to Spanish businesses in your area. You could even work as an English teacher and use your spare time to further your language study!

6. Enjoy Music, Theatre, Film and Literature

Perhaps you like reggaeton or salsa, Spanish movies, or enjoy sports. Learning Spanish will open you up to enjoy these cultural delights like a native speaker. Perhaps you’ll figure out those lyrics in a song that you’ve always wondered about! 

Learning words and phrases in context with native speaking cultural sources removes a lot of the chore of vocab study. This can be especially helpful for people who are practical learners.

7. Make New Friends

What could be better than meeting Spanish speaking friends and conversing in a language that you don’t currently know. It’s been said that with 480 hours of curriculum you can achieve mid-level fluency, so it’s certainly not an unreachable goal! 

Tip: We always find it’s best to start communicating with someone in the language you’d like to carry on communicating with them in. However tricky and daunting it may seem, try to use your Spanish right off the bat and get into the routine of introducing yourself. Often the first language you use to communicate with someone will be the one you’ll carry forward together.

There's no time like the present to embark on your Spanish learning journey! Although it might not always be plain sailing, you'll have loads of fun along the way!

Can you pick out your friends’ and teachers’ names among our list of the 10 most common Spanish surnames?

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